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Roselily stands for a series of double lilies with a light fragrance and without pollen. The flower has a particularly high ornamental value and also has a long shelf life. An important advantage of the Roselily is the lack of pollen; there is no chance of stains! You can place the Roselily in the living room as well as on the terrace. Due to the lack of pollen, the flowers remain beautiful even after a rain shower.


Roselily plants are available from May to October.

roselily sara

Roselily Sara has large pink flowers with a dark center nerve and speckles to the light green heart. The lovely Sara has at least 18 slightly spaced buds per plant, which gives a nicely filled bouquet in a pot. Because of the plant's structure, the flowers have every room to bloom to their full potential. 

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roselily samantha

Roselily Samantha has sturdy stems and upright buds. The flowers are hard pink with a white edge.  This variety is also known as cut flower.

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roselily sita

Roselily Sita is one of the newest additions to the potted Roselily collection and with that we were able to add a good white Roselily to our assortment! Sita has beautiful round buds (15+) that open up to large white flowers with a yellow vein to the heart and pink speckles.

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roselily natalia

Roselily Natalia has light pink flowers with a dark pink tinted stripe and speckles towards the heart. The pink petals have a white edge. The flowers have a golden-yellow heart.

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