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When you have bought or received a plant from Van Schie, you are assured that this is a fair product. Cultivated with respect for people and the environment. We are in possession of the MPS A +, MPS SQ en MPS GAP certificate which guarantees you that our operations comply with the requirements in terms of the environment, social aspects, quality and the requirements from the retail.

Our products are grown sustainably on a total area of 5 hectares. For the planting of the bulbs an automated potting and transport system is used. We have a conditioning room with several layers in which there is sufficient capacity to cool all planted bulbs for a number of days.
By cooling the planted bulbs we are able to better regulate the growth of the lily in pot with the aim to improve the quality of the end product.
The climatic conditions during the first phase of growth are decisive for the length and bud setting of the plant.
The cooling motors for the conditioning room are installed inside, so that the heat in the greenhouse can be used and there is no disruption to the environment. A part of our greenhouses is fitted with an energy-efficient deck with a coating to keep the heat out in the summer. The department is heated with residual heat from the other departments within the company.



When it comes to the future, we are aware that the use of renewable energy is a must. And that geothermal energy is interesting as a 100% sustainable source. We therefore make use of geothermal energy and participate in Trias Westland.



We use natural enemies in order to grow our plants free of thrips, lice, fruit flies and pests. With this we limit the use of chemicals to a minimum. Our products are MPS-ProductProof certified, which demonstrates that we only use legally permitted crop protection. With this label we prove to our customer that we grow our plants as sustainably as possible!