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care tips

The potted lily needs plenty of light but does not like bright sunlight. The soil in the pot needs to be kept moist, and the lily will keep longest at a temperature between 15 and 20ºC. Once flowers are past their best, we recommend you remove them in order to keep the lily as attractive as possible.


The potted lily will be happy on your balcony or patio during the summer months, so that you can enjoy them indoors and out.
Once all the flowers have died off, plant the lily out in a sunny spot in the garden, and it will reappear next year. The bulbs are resistant to frost. 

pollen stains

The stains caused by the pollen if you accidentally touch the potted lily stamens can best be removed from your clothing as follows: 
- Brush the pollen off your clothing
- Lay the clothing in the sun and the stains will disappear by themselves!


This will remove pollen stains from all types of fabrics. You can also first wash the stained clothing and then lay it in the sun, once again the pollen will disappear.